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4×30 villa


Designed by São Paulo based offices CR2 Arquitetura and FGMF, this dutch- japanese inspired house is a study in minimalist elegance. Built on a challenging 4X30 framework (that’s 4 metres wide by 30 metres long for the non-aficionados), the villa has a clever occupation of the area, creating wide perspectives, which bathe the interiors with natural lighting.

One of the highlight solutions of its construction is the lowered kitchen floor, which creates an unusual view from the entrance hall but also delimits two different functions on the room via a whole new concept.

The central garden provides sunlight to all the interior facades and divides the house into two blocks. These are connected by a metallic footbridge that obliges residents to walk through the garden take in the natural outdoor light, while they transit from one place to another.

There’s a large deck on the rooftop, which combines an easy access to all of the house’s equipment and acts as an extra recreational area. The house claims continuity of spaces, the whiteness reflects all light provided.

This dutch-japanese architectural marvel provides solutions to gain more space and natural light in a cool, stylish and unexpected package which, best of all, proves to be practical.

Images: Fran Parente