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An Emerging Trend…


Something has been lingering in the air for a little while now and we’re starting to see the aftermath of it… China is slowly taking on the world. Not content with taking on the world economy and natural resources, China is hogging most of the top international prizes these days.

Last August, Yu Wenxia of China became Miss World, beating all the favourites to the throne, and no later than a few weeks ago, Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize of literature. Granted, a Nobel Prize doesn’t mean much these days given that Europe (and its legendary bureaucracy) was awarded the Peace prize this year. Nevertheless it’s still a huge achievement, and a first for a Chinese writer to be awarded the holy grail of literature.

Mo Yan, who lives modestly with his family in a crammed flat in Beijing, began writing in the 1980s, when he slowly but surely made a name for himself in Chinese literature. Several of his novels have been adapted to the big screen. Mo Yan, who’s real name is Guan Moye has been criticised for being too close to Beijing authorities, although he remains very discreet about his political inclinations.

Yu Wenxia, aka Miss China, was elected Miss World on August 19th. The (hot) 23 year old is a music lover who dreams of working with the poor later on in her career (sigh). She beat 115 contestants – a record – to the throne at the ceremony held in Inner Mongolia. She will now be showing her beautiful smile to the world for the next year.


Images: cover: 1: Associated Press via, 2:  IsaacMao via photopin cc,