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Ana Elisa Egreja


São Paulo is one of the world’s booming cities and its artistic scene is as exciting as it can get.

In today’s aloof, digitalized world, made of urban neon skies and smoky, congested highways, one might think the painter’s days are over. But not for young Brazilian artist Ana Elisa Egreja, who will amaze you with her “plain paper” and “slick” technique.

Her vivid imagination blends surrealism with delicate wilderness. Ana Elisa paints the Brazilian fauna, giving it human traits and behaviours. A panther enjoying a candle-light dinner with hummingbirds or a deer and a duck flirting on a couch are some of the twisted, yet delightful, visions Ana Elisa brings to life.

With overlapping patterns and iconic elements coexisting in beautiful collages, her work is an ode to nature and painting mastery.

Ana Elisa Egreja’s works are available at Galeria Leme in São Paulo,


Images: courtesy of Galeria Leme and Ana Elisa Egreja, 2012