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Bambah & The Zoo


Tired of the same old, pretentious high-end brand offering available in every mall in Dubai?

We have a cure for you: Bambah & The Zoo. And before you ask, no it’s not the title of Disney’s latest animation movie. It’s Maha and Hussein Rasheeds’ award winning, combined vintage and concept store, located under the same roof of a stunning villa on Jumeirah beach road and at the Level Shoe District in the Dubai Mall (for The Zoo’s second shop, which will be celebrating its official launch on the 5th March).

With Bambah & The Zoo, the two siblings give Dubai shoppers the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone when it comes to shopping for cool and original items.

Bambah is Dubai’s destination vintage boutique. Packaged in a stunning retro decorum, where vintage seekers will find treasures of authentic fashion from the 1930’s to the 1980’s, handpicked from around the world. The collection which includes pieces from Yves St Laurent, Nina Ricci and Dior to name but a few brands…is updated on a weekly basis, meaning you’re guaranteed to find something at every visit.

At this stage we should mention that Maha Rasheed won the ‘Emirates Woman of the Year’ Awards for the 2011, Visionaries Category for bringing Vintage to the Middle East.

And now for something completely different…The Zoo, fittingly named given its location – opposite the Dubai Zoo – is a concept store which can hold its own against the coolest stores in New York or London. The venue has a hint of Parisian concept store Colette, with its glass top tables, which can only be removed with special “thief” suction cups. The rest of the decorum is more bespoke.

We’re big fans of The Zoo’s Jumeirah branch CCTV cameras which guard the rubber duck that sits proudly on his concrete pedestal, the klein-blue wooden floors adorning the corridor, the mini motorbikes and colour kitsch poodles mounting the guard. Most of all, we love the fresh concept feel which permeates the entire store.

Described as a “one stop shop” for innovative gifts, clothing and accessories sourced from all over the world, The Zoo also houses a mini art gallery to promote local up and coming artists.

If you’re feeling blue, go to Bambah & The Zoo…


Visit The Zoo facebook page.

Bambah & The Zoo: 142, Jumeirah Beach Road (Opposite The Dubai Zoo), The Zoo at The Dubai Mall, Level Shoe District, Dubai.

Bambah vintage store
Images: courtesy of Maha Abdul Rasheed, Bambah & The Zoo