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“Barrez-vous!”, the French equivalent of “Get the hell out!”, is a rallying cry initiated by entrepreneur Félix Marquardt, French rapper Mokless and journalist Mouloud Achour, to push French youngsters to leave decaying France for greener pastures.

Via the article “Barrez-vous!”, published on the 3rd September in left-field newspaper Libération, the trio denounces France’s reclusive (“nombriliste”) and schizophrenic attitude towards globalisation as well as the gerontocratic manners of the small elite at the helm of the country.

“For the first time in many, many years in this part of the world [France and Western Europe], at least a generation – yours as you might have noticed – will be worse off than its predecessor.” they protest, and add that “for the first time in a hundred and fifty years, elderly white caucasian men from Western Europe and Northern America aren’t the only individuals to be ruling the world. One only has to spend a few days in Istanbul, Jakarta, Mumbai or São Paulo to measure the paradigm shift”.

According to the trio, France cannot keep on criticizing Chinese, Brazilian or Indian competitiveness with clichéd and ethnocentric sayings such as “those blue-collars who work for nothing are stealing our jobs!”, but should rather welcome a much more flexible French job market and embrace globalisation by building bridges with these emerging nations…and what better way to do so than through travel?

Images: cover page & 1:, 2: DG Jones via photo pin cc, 3: St Stev via photo pin cc, 4: Sprengben via photo pin cc, 5: Salim Photography via photo pin cc