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Oscar Niemeyer 1907-2012


Brazil mourns Oscar Niemeyer today. A true visionary, his style was both modernist and sensual. His work is easily recognisable for its use of wide concrete surfaces, graceful curves and floating structures. Niemeyer is one of the most audacious and prolific architects of his time who kept working until the very end (he died yesterday aged 104).

The United Nations building in New York (designed together with another master, French architect Le Corbusier), the Cathedral of Brasilia and many other buildings in the country’s capital, the Constantine University in Algeria, the Sambodrone in Rio de Janeiro, the Copán residential building in São Paulo are just a few examples of his mastery.

Niemeyer has inspired passion to so many architects that his legacy is perpetuated in thousands of buildings worldwide. Although he is gone, his work and genius remains, elegant and audacious and forever ahead of its time…

Images: cover: UggBoyUggGirl via photopin cc, 1: Rodrigo_Soldon via photopin cc, 2: Lorenzoclick via photopin cc, 3: wallyg via photopin cc, 4: Sylvain Bourdos via photopin cc, 5: Rodrigo_Soldon via photopin cc