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BUNDSHOP is the first online platform to export products of independent designers and brands of China. This brilliant concept was created “to showcase the emerging generation of creative and innovative brands that are shifting from Made in China to Designed by China” says Bundshop co-founder Diana Tsai.

Formed in Shanghai by a team of young entrepreneurs of eclectic backgrounds, all united around a single vision: “emerging design and independent brands, designed in China”, Bundshop is the first platform to connect a global audience with designers’ products from the cities of Shanghai, Beijing, Honk Kong and mainland China.

Prior Bundshop, Etsy and Ebay were the only online platforms Chinese and other Asian designers could use to reach out to an international audience, but these are ill-adapted as they cannot be customised and present a language and cultural barrier. This is why the team at Bundshop spends months working with each designer to understand and depict their stories, products, and long-term visions, and to help them set the foundations to create internationally competitive brands.

The team at Bundshop explores every street boutique, hidden design studio, fashion show, gallery and pop-up store in China to discover and unravel the country’s hidden design gems. Discover Sozen’s bamboo vases, John Meng’s innovative wine bottle lamps, Carl Liu’s Shanghai fan and many other items on

Images: courtesy of BUNDSHOP