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Co-working in Shanghai


What does a 6.7 percent increase in the expat community of Shanghai plus a thriving economy full of start-ups and freelancers equal? A co-working-space boom.

Covered regularly here at The Randomer, we’re adding Shanghai to the likes of Dubai, Istanbul and São Paulo as the next emerging market to witness this surge. As China bursts onto the global economy scene, expats and locals alike are moving from the traditional nine-to-five cubicles and stepping into the modern hub of co-working spaces where they find inspiration by networking with professionals outside of their specialties.

With membership reaching across 10 nationalities, Indy-Go recently opened in the Xujiahui area of Shanghai. Catering to an expat community, from an Italian exporter to a Canadian serial entrepreneur, the niche co-working organization offers camaraderie akin to “one big multi-cultural family,” according to Barry Lee, one of three international co-founders in a partnership of four.

Existing in a two-part space, Indy-Go Loft offers co-working stations and Indy-Go Garden is an events venue. Indy-Go provides members with the fastest internet connection offered in Shanghai at 100 Mbps, meeting rooms, basic printing services, break area with free unlimited coffee and tea, and an outdoor serenity area that comes with mascots Chairman Meow and Garfield, two adopted cats.

As co-founder Fred Bazin, a French software developer, put it, “co-working spaces allow you all the benefits of working in a company environment, sharing ideas and energizing your process, without a boss looking over your shoulder.”

Images: courtesy of Monica Miller Rodgers, Barry Lee