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Contemporary Istanbul


If you’re a modern art aficionado who likes venturing off the beating track, there’s only one place to be at the end of November and that’s Art Istanbul. From November 19th to 25th visitors will experience new cultural offerings, discussions and educational programmes hosted by some of the most prestigious institutions, museums, cultural centres and leading commercial galleries.

Among the highlights will be Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey’s international art fair that’ll be taking place from november 22-25th. The event, that’s in its 7th year, will play host to a comprehensive set of experimental and more conventional art, paintings, sculptures, video works, installations and limited editions from a plethora of local and international galleries.

So, be one of the first to discover Istanbul’s art scene before everyone else…. and the best part is that you’ll be at the heart of one of the most vibrant, fun, contradictory and exotic cities in the world.

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Images: cover, 1: Louise Alexander Gallery: Guy Bourdin, 2: Alan Istanbul: Murat Pulat, 3: Mim art gallery: Berndaut Smilde, Nimbus D’aspremont, 4: Mustafa Hulusi, Peach and Expander 1 5: New Sariev, Contemporary Pravdoliub-Ivanov, Rise-to-Score; Egeran Gallery: Ivan Navarro, Odio.