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The Endossa shop in São Paulo connects creative designers to hip consumers, and serves as a hub for cool hunting in Rua Augusta, one of the city’s most alternative circuits. Digital life has changed the way we shop, and Endossa brings this change to real-life, using the concept of collaborative filtering.

It works like this: micro-entrepreneurs or “minipreneurs” as Endossa likes to call them can choose among different box sizes available for rent in the shop space, and customise them to market their creations and promote their brands. The shop takes no sales commission and offers a web sale platform to designers. They can keep exposing as long as their income is higher than the rental fee. This filtering process ensures turnover of participants but more importantly empowers consumers to support the stuff they really like on sale.

Endossa brings shopping to a whole new level, and is a brand new consumer experience in Latin America, which should spread worldwide. It’s also an excellent introduction to the city’s buzzing design scene and trendy Brazilian fashion.

Images: cover, 1: courtesy of Endossa, 2: Tiago Doria via photopin cc, 3: courtesy of Endossa, 4: Tiago Doria via photopin cc, 5: courtesy of Endossa