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Handy Istanbul


We’ve noticed a wide range of new traveling websites and applications recently emerge, thereby turning a visit to Turkey an even more fun and enjoyable experience. These new sites and applications shorten the trial and error process, enabling visitors to find that perfect wine bar, discover the cutest vintage stores, sip on the best organic fruit juices in town, or simply avoid getting ripped off by a shady cab driver. If you plan on being an expat in Istanbul or are a tourist in the city , below are some useful online novelties.

Mekanist is a very reliable source maintained by its members’ accurate posts on the places they visit. The site engages with members by granting points for the information they provide about the venues: cafes, bars, restaurants, main attractions. The more accurate the information, the more points awarded. As members go up the membership ladder, they gain access to gifts, new packages, and join the communities that supports. Users can search nearby places via the mobile app and get directions through the embedded map. Specialized blogs can also be followed via the site, to find the gems the city has on offer.

There are many sites that offer organic products, however one can never completely trace the organic origins of the product. Although provides information concerning, and sells non-organic products, its USP lies in how the fruits it provides online are only picked once an order is processed. The site sells different types of oranges, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon and pomegranate that are farmed in the family orchards at Finike, in Antalya. The whole experience, might bring customers back to their childhood, when they used to pick the fruit fresh from the orchard. supplies across Turkey but aims to promote and sell the already famous Finike orange worldwide.

Bitaksi app

Any foreigner living in Istanbul knows the difficulties of: a. finding an available cab, b. ensuring the cab brings you to destination, c.  avoiding getting ripped off. In comes Bitaksi. This friendly app indicates the cabs nearby on a map, and at the touch of a button, the closest one will be directed to your location. The driver’s information and license plate is automatically shared with on screen. The meter starts charging when the driver picks up a customer. Best of all, Bitaksi cab drivers are always polite, never say no, and they take credit cards. If however, you happen to be dissatisfied with the experience, you can still give feedback about your specific driver directly on the application interface.

Images: courtesy,, Bitaksi