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Hung Huang


A few weeks ago, we posted an article on Brand New China, Hung Huang’s new concept store. Today we’d like to talk about the great lady herself. Described as the Chinese Oprah Winfrey, Hung Huang is one of the most influential women in her country.

The fifty year old lady presents herself as “an editor of a small independent publishing group”, but there’s much more to it. She’s very¬†difficult to pinpoint because of her many different roles, activities and on-going business ventures. Hung Huang edits the iLook fashion magazine, has hosted TV shows, advises luxury European brands, has played in movies and is the owner of the Brand New China concept store.

Her current fame comes from her tweets on a microblog, which has more than three million followers. Oh! and did we mention her mum used to be Mao’s English teacher and her father-in-law was the minister of foreign affairs under the communist leader.

A member of the Chinese elite, Hung Huang has nevertheless remained a self-depreciative and down-to-earth figure who knows how to speak and appeal to the masses. We can’t wait to see what the great lady is going to come up with next.