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Lafayette 148


Lafayette 148’s building in Shantou, China, caught our attention this week. Completed in 2008 by Mehrdad Hadighi of Studio for Architecture and Tsz Yan Ng, the building is as much about style as it is about function. It houses all the functions of the Lafayette 148 clothing label and is organised around the flow of production from conception to shipment of the final product.

It should also be noted that a shortly before the building’s opening, in 2007, Lafayette 148 CEO, Shun Yen Siu, founded the School of Dreams near the production headquarters in Shantou to provide quality education to children in the community who might not otherwise have access to public schooling.

An intelligent eco-construction, the building demonstrates its environmental credentials with its perforated concrete blocks which allow light to permeate its core and even provide exterior spaces that one is able to occupy. These spaces also help to mitigate the use of artificial cooling by drawing hot air from the building.

Post-tensioned beams span the entire width of the floors, thus removing any need for interior columns. The result is a truly free plan that accommodates the wide variety of programmatic needs as well as offering bright and open workspaces.

Composed of a series of free flowing concrete fins, the façade flirts with the viewer offering a peek here and there and at night it becomes even more revealing. Should you ever pay a visit to Shantou, make sure you don’t overlook Lafayette 148.

Source: domus, China Design Hub

Images: Domus, Lafayette 148