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Self touted as “The biggest brand you’ve never heard of”, Li-Ning is the leading sportswear manufacturer in China. Founded by Li-Ning, “The Prince of Gymnastics”, the company sponsors some of the best Chinese athletes and is now on the brink of conquering the West. This explains why the swoosh look-a-like logo has made its way onto the thies of Russian pole vault champion Yelena Isinbayeva, has been Shaquille O’Neal’s sports partner since 2006 and has recently signed a deal with the Spanish Olympic committee.

With its “made in New China” rallying cry, Li-Ning is doing its utmost to change people’s perception of goods made in China. The brand’s products are supposedly “crafted with exquisite attention to detail and designed by culture, markets and artists.” Not sure everyone agrees but their latest sportswear line does look the part. Beware of the sleeping dragon.


Images: 1:, 2: ye-wa via photo pin cc, 3:, 4: Buou via photo pin cc, 5: