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Niche sports car manufacturers come and go like the seasons, so we were a bit sceptical when we first heard of Marussia, Russia’s first foray into the high-performance car market. Since then, we’ve changed our minds given how stunning the cars look in the flesh – especially in a two tone colour livery.

The cars’ spec sheet is nothing to be ashamed of either, boasting normally aspirated and turbo charged V6 Cosworth engines and a shared semi-monocoque chassis with a steel spaceframe covered by carbon fiber panels.

For its cars, Marussia promises “the finest materials, lovingly crafted to exceptional standards of quality and attention to detail” – sounds promising. The few lucky customers can now test drive the B1 and B2 at the newly opened Marussia dealerships in Moscow and Monaco. The less fortunate can always cheer themselves up by driving the pants off the Russian sportscars on the soon to be released video game, Need for Speed World.

Images: 1: Chris Wevers via photo pin cc, 2: Ed Callow [ torquespeak ] via photo pin cc, 3 to 5: Marussia Motors