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MentalKLINIK is the brainchild of married couple Yasemin Baydar and Birol Demir. The artist duo experiment with technology, sound and material to develop their art in their studio, referred to as ‘’the lab’’.

Inspiration for Baydar and Demir comes from objects as simple as a Moet bottle cap, or a twin cherry jewelry piece once seen pinned to a random stranger’s ear. It can also materialise in the form of a “fiber” teddy bear dipped in black epoxy, which still keeps the soft, cuddly look of a toy, yet scratches if one attempts a hug; or sliding mirrors that distort reality by inverting the order of the viewer’s legs and head. Each work of art feeding on oxymoron – mirroring the theme of their exhibition “That’s f*ing Awesome!”

MentalKLINIK defines art as non-bohemian. The fact that it can be bought and sold, has materialistic value, manifests that money does matter in an artist’s life, hence the importance of art dealers. This idea converges with the oxymoron theme they continuously seek. Thus is their studio – located close to their home at Nisantasi – an unconventional area for artists, because quite a residential district in the heart of downtown Istanbul, where the high class rub shoulders.

Their work is mostly admired in Europe, mainly in Be-ne-lux countries, although a younger generation of Turks has recently shown an interest to their work.

Inter-disciplinary arts was especially difficult to practice in Turkey when they first began experimenting in the 90s. Since the hardship of the early days, they entered the international art arena after Art Basel 2009, to later be discovered by legendary curator Jerome Sans at the Hong Kong art fair. Their work is now appreciated by larger numbers and can be followed through GalerIST, and

Images: courtesy of MentalKLINIC, cover &1: DOUBLECHERRY, 2: WHIFF, 3: HE'S, 4: SLIDER, 5: TRUEBLUE,