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“Part of…” by Elvin Karaaslan


Do you sometimes feel you’re going nowhere in this fast-paced, always on-the-go world of ours? You often wonder what the whole point of life is, especially with the recent events happening in our beloved Turkey.

I do…hence why I was drawn to Elvin Karaaslan’s “Part of…” exhibition at Galeri Ilayda in Istanbul. Elvin’s work perfectly illustrates how our lives turn out to be a juxtaposition of many different layers. Elvin reflects on how our lives, as a whole, are constantly evolving, and studies the relationship between the “pieces” and the “whole” through snapshots of peoples’ everyday lives.

Elvin believes “reality is not within the boundaries of an object, in fact it is hidden in its relationships with other objects.” What we believe as “whole” is always “part of” a bigger picture. Therefore by removing our attention from the whole every piece on its own becomes clearer and more meaningful.

Every piece is also a reflection of a continuity which never ends, thereby another element can always be added to it… each piece or a collection of pieces are always a whole, yet still a “part of….” something else.

Perception is another very important concept in Elvin’s work. In everyday life, she wants us to acknowledge, when we meet someone or go somewhere, what piece of the object or person are we focusing on? From which angle are we observing things?

Elvin raises the question of perception through the way her artwork is displayed. What part of the canvas are we focusing on and from which angle are we observing it? As the viewing angle changes, so does the image, and our perception of it…

The “incomplete” parts allow the viewer to imagine, speculate and complete the picture in his own mind. After all, isn’t life just what we make of it? With the “pieces” and “objects” which we decide to focus on and interpret according to our own set of beliefs.

“Part of…” exhibition is on display until June 15th, 2013 at the Galeri Ilayda.

Images courtesy of Galeri Ilayda