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Paulistas co-working spaces


One of the characteristics of the traditional business world is that employees hardly get to choose where and with whom they work. In fact, millions of people still endure long traffic hours to reach their work place, very far from home – In São Paulo, the average time spent to commute per day is about 3 hours.

So when people get to dream about their ideal work environment, they usually do it in two ways: they either want to choose where they work (home office or nearby the local coffee house); or with whom they get to share their business day.

Given how they combine both objectives, co-working spaces are now booming in Brazil. Groups of friends form business clusters, everyone bringing their own specialty. These spaces are designed to be enjoyable, comfy places, that enhance creativity and interaction. Users share personal and professional networks which merge to create new levels of business dynamics.

Miles away from the Orwelian open-spaces, these new co-working spaces offer an unmatched upgrade for the Paulistas of the 21th century.

Co-working brands like Pont de contatao or Estudio do Morro are the new talk of the town.

estudio domorroestudio domorroponto de contatoponto de contato
Images: cover, 1, 2: courtesy of Estudio do Morro, 3, 4: courtesy of Ponto de Contato.