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While walking down Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul, one of the exhibitions that grabbed our attention was “Peel” by Mehmet Ali Uysal at the Nesrin Esirtgen Collection.

As the name suggests – Peel – the walls of the gallery have been carefully skinned off, thereby questioning and revealing another dimension of how we view the space where art is shown.

Mehmet Ali Uysal, born in Mersin, Turkey, explains that to transform the gallery space which he perceives as a flawless, aloof, “white cube” into a living organism, one must interfere with its structure. His ambition is to bring a new meaning to the nature of the gallery by deconstructing and deforming its pristine wall surfaces.

Uysal’s work reminds us of “Shibboleth”, the famous work of Colombian artist Doris Salcedo – remember the enormous floor crack at The Tate Modern in 2007? Both works proving that the more cracks and peels, the more the art feels real and alive, thereby bridging the gap between the space and the visitor.

“Peel” Exhibition at Nesrin Esirtgen Collection Art Space, Misir Apartmani

Images: by Teri Erbes, courtesy of the Nesrin Esirtgen Collection Art Space