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Sao Paulo’s Totem Clocks


São Paulo has very few fountains, benches or modern bus stops. It’s packed, however, with hundreds of abandonned totem clocks either displaying the wrong time (noon at night) or absurd temperatures (- 96C° today), which add to the daze and confusion that makes this city a disturbing but hyper stimulating playground for urban artists and party lovers.

Danilo Barros (aka Bozo Descontrol) and Leonardo Romano, two leading VJs (video DJs for the hype laggers) and urban activists in town, have spent the majority of 2012 cataloguing abandonned totem clocks to select the ones with the highest crowd exposure for their newest video mapping creation.

In the words of Danilo, “the project mixes references to poetry and scientific cyberpunk fiction”, which granted is a bit of a brain-twister but hey…The theme behind the project is “São Paulo lost its time?” and is designed to be “a rebel reanimation of urban furniture that would otherwise stay liveless.”

The happennings, to the number of six so far, involve night projections at some of the busiest corners of São Paulo. Danilo continues: “people can imagine other lives for these totems” – from futuristic oracles asking philosophical questions, to digital entertainers displaying cool visual effects.

For a moment in time or an entire night, Paulistanos feel projected into a 23rd century metropolis, surrounded by flashy digital totems, each of them revealing their own personality to passers by.

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