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Shang Xia


Founded in 2008, Shang Xia is a luxury lifestyle brand which blends the heritage of Chinese design and craftsmanship. Backed by the Hermes Group, the brand is the brainchild of renowned designer Jiang Qionger, who is on a mission to create a 21st century lifestyle founded on the finest of Chinese design traditions.

Shang Xia which translates from Mandarin as the concept of “up” and “down”, provides striking furniture, fine decorative objects, exquisite accessories, luxurious garments and even ventures into silly money territory with $45,000 gold-woven porcelain teapots and red sandalwood tables.

Shang Xia opened its flagship store in Shanghai back in 2010 and has just opened a 1,480 square-foot store in Beijing’s China World Mall. It also plans to move into foreign territories with the opening of a store in the St Germain district of Paris towards the beginning of next year.

Hermes is tapping into a rising trend in China in which wealthy consumers are moving away from handbags plastered with logos. Instead, they’re shifting toward more subdued expressions of wealth, with an emphasis on design and craft.

Despite all the hype, the brand’s future success isn’t guaranteed. “We’ll know in 10 years if Shang Xia is a success or not” said Patrick Thomas from Hermes. Concerns are mounting regarding the brand’s losses over the last 4 years, its lack of following online (only a few thousand followers on Weibo – China’s twitter equivalent), and an un-adapted product offering for the Chinese consumer.

Some believe the brand is ten years too early as it tries to provide luxury goods made in China for Chinese consumers, who are currently more attracted to international brands such as Louis Vuitton. Time will tell.


Images: 1:,, cover / 2&3:, 4&5: Sim Chi Yim, Shang Xia