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Shanghai Trio


In line with the new trend of “made and designed in China”, discover accessories brand Shanghai Trio. Self-described as “accessories artisans” from China and Europe since 1998, the brand is a celebration of forgotten Chinese crafts which brings back to life fabrics, colours, objects and garments from a bygone era, without omitting their practicality or beauty.

Taking a closer look at the name, Shanghai stands for location and “Trio” “represents the elements, a nice melody of colours, quality and style filled with Curiosity, Energy and Enthusiasm”. Among their diverse product line up of scarfs, interior decoration objects, hand bags; we at the randomer have a soft spot for the so called “pochettes”, small “plastified” cases which come in all shapes and colours.

Shanghai Trio is an advocate for ethical trade in China – it employs men and women in decent working conditions, unlike a lot of other local accessories brands.

Fine materials, original designs, ethically produced…what’s not to like about Shanghai Trio. Take a look at and visit their Shanghai Showroom: Showroom Unit C, 3/F, No.100, Fuxing West Road, Shanghai 200031

Shanghai TrioShanghai TrioShanghai Trio
Images: courtesy of Shanghai Trio