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The curse of Antilia


The world’s most expensive home is causing quite a stir among local Indians and the elite. Rumoured to have cost up to 1 billion US dollars, the Antilia tower – named after a mythical island – was recently described as: “an example of rich Indians’ lack of empathy for the poor” by Tata Group Chairman, Ratan Tata.

No doubt the debate will continue to rage, especially after unfounded rumours spread about the tower not being inhabited by its billionaire owner Mukesh Ambani and his family, because it fails to conform to the principles of Vastu Shastra – a Hindu version of Feng Shui. Its eastern side doesn’t supposedly happen to have enough windows to allow sufficient morning light to come into the building, which could bring bad luck to its residents.

Designed by American architects, Perkins & Will, no two floors of Antilia are alike, and the materials used on each floor vary drastically. Features of the home include:

  • 400,000 square feet (37,000 m2) of living space, parking space for 168 cars, a one-floor vehicle maintenance facility, nine elevators in the lobby, three helipads and an air traffic control facility
  • a health spa, a yoga studio, one small theatre, a swimming pool, three floors of hanging gardens, a ballroom, an ice room infused with man-made snow flurries
  • custom hand carved rare marble pillars and stonework and the world’s largest collection of antique sewing machines

It would be a pity if all this lavishness went to waste…


Images: 1: Christopher Macsurak via photo pin cc, 2: Christopher Macsurak via photo pin cc, 3: Christopher Macsurak via photo pin cc, 4: Unlisted Sightings via photo pin cc