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The TOHUM spell


My first encounter with TOHUM began a few years ago, when my mother gave me a beautiful quartz in a handcrafted silver ring wrapped in an elegant gift set. My mum is a lady of great taste, so I knew the second I opened the box that this was a special piece of jewelry.

Istanbul-based contemporary jewelry designer Verda Alaton, is the creator behind the TOHUM spell. “Tohum” means seed in Turkish, symbolising the idea of the simple flourishing beauty found in nature. As a devoted world-traveller, Verda discovers the so-called “seeds” during her explorations to far away lands and remote cultures. She then extracts the original beauty of these natural stones and materials to turn them into pure organic shapes, made of clean, elegant lines thereby creating mesmerizing, bespoke forms of expression.

Each Tohum, is a one-of-a kind, meaning it has its own unique story, and beholds the beautiful, passionate energy Verda installs into each piece during the creation process. Verda also gets commissioned for special gifts and creates bespoke pieces which reflect the personality of the person for whom they are designed.

My love affair with Tohum continues with the “Wisdom” ring I bought myself recently. Inspired by the ancient, sacred symbols found in Tibetan Monasteries, I hope it will protect me along the journey of life and that I will remain under its spell for the many years to come.

Contact Verda at and visit Images of Tohum’s brand, founder Verda and many beautiful designs: Blue Quartz, Honey Comb Agate, Lava Ring, Rare Green Corals and my special Wisdom Wring.

Images: courtesy of Tohum