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TR Express Interview with Leith Matthews


TR Express, The Randomer’s latest short interview format – 140 characters (ok maybe a bit more) or less per answer. We ask Leith Matthews what he’s up to with MAKE Business Hub in Dubai.

Who is Leith Matthews? What do you do?

Entrepreneur – passionate about good food, real restaurants, unique bars + cool design… Founder MAKE business hub +

What’s happening right now in your life?

Working hard to build MAKE and to crack the model of a successful business hub. Launching a startup called and trying to impress a beautiful girl.

Why Dubai?

Dubai is young, energetic and ambitious. I feel like I’m growing with the city and I’m proud to be apart of the new business and startup ecosystem here.

Why is MAKE Business Hub so successful?

MAKE is finding success and a loyal following, as we are one of the first hubs in the region specifically designed for the city’s young entrepreneurs and mobile workers. Timing is important.

What’s next on the cards for MAKE?

I hope to become a more strategic player in the startup scene and add more value to the small businesses being born here.

What’s the best tune to work to?

I like my music like I like my businesses – independent!

What’s the next big thing to come out of Dubai?

Keep an eye on Dubai as an emerging center for tech startup.

Favourite spot in Dubai?

The Terrace Bar at Park Hyatt Dubai, unpretentious luxury.


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Images: Rooman Latif, courtesy Make Business Hub