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TR Interview with Mine Arslanbek


TR Interview with Mine Arslanbek, CEO and Founder of M.ARS Design.

We asked Mine Arslanbek, what she’s up to lately with her architecture firm M.ARS Design.


Who is Mine Arslanbek? What do you do?

I’m an architect exploring manufacturing processes and materials across architectural disciplines, art and design. I am passionate about aesthetic and poetical outcomes in my work, which push the boundaries of manufacturing methods in Turkey.

What’s happening right now in your life?

We have just submitted an architectural project to the Borusan competition for the prototype of a Pre-school and Kinder garden for Organized Industrial Zones. I am recovering from an intense working schedule and getting ready to collaborate with a filmmaker for a new project.

How would you describe “Poetic Landscapes”?

It’s a coffee table which symbolizes my romantic research for poetic expressionism in furniture design processes. The accumulation of layer clusters defines a unique form that depicts organic, natural scenes.

What sort of material did you use?

I used layers of patinated CNC milled hardwood under a walnut root veneer finished top. Afterwards, when the base was finished with a sanded iroko veneer, the final look intentionally imitated a tree’s lower stump.

Why did you use clear glass for the tabletop?

Glass creates a transparent territory between the user and the object. This transparent layer protects the finely oiled brushed walnut veneer and detaches the user from the void in between forms, thus defining the void as an unoccupied artistic space.

Why choose M.Ars Design?

We try to explore a new approach and methodology for each project we undergo and avoid defining a singular artistic gesture. Each project involves multi-disciplinary design solutions. Each project involves distinctive and unique pieces of art that are specific to each client, site and ideology.

Your definition of the “perfect look” for an object?

Intuition transforms an idea into an object. Smart detailing, fine craftsmanship and inventive material selection then translates the object into a good representation of the idea. Well designed and processed objects leave an outlasting impression on their end users.

What’s the next big thing for you?

I have become very interested in coding languages and the Maker Movement. My next thing is to explore such new territories, languages and transform them into a unique artistic language within our architectural and design projects. I also seek to collaborate with innovative manufacturers for contemporary solutions.

Favourite spot in Istanbul?

The Museum of Archaeology in Topkapi Palace, I still believe there’s much to be learned from antiquity. I find inspiration and see great potential in the overall old town area.

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Images: courtesy of Mine Arslanbek