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TR Express Interview with Tarig El-Sheikh


Interview with Tarig El-Sheikh, Managing Director and Head of Operations at Knot Standard.

TR Express, The Randomer’s fast interview – 140 characters (ok maybe a tad more) or less per answer. We ask Tarig El-Sheikh, what he’s up to with Knot Standard in Dubai.


Who is Tarig El-Sheikh? What do you do?

Entrepreneur. Business builder. Father. Not necessarily in that order – Cofounder of Knot Standard where we give the “freedom to create pride”

What’s happening right now in your life?

Working hard towards disrupting one of the last industries to be modernised and leaving a lasting legacy in helping men dress better

Why choose Knot Standard over a normal tailor?

With us you purchase from the comfort of home and we deliver a great quality product to your doorstep. Traditional tailoring brought into the 21st century

Any fashion No Nos?

Unless you work for a fast food restaurant, no one should ever wear a short sleeved shirt and a tie…

Your definition of a good look?

A good look? That would have to be James Van Der Beek in his Knot Standard blue cobalt suit at the GQ best dressed men’s awards!

What’s the next big thing for you?

The launch of our new webcam technology to take customers measurements and revolutionising the way men shop online!

The last time you wore a tuxedo?

A week ago at a charity dinner, Tuxes are the perfect evening attire for formal important events. It’s a great excuse to look like James Bond!

Favourite spot in Dubai?

Without a doubt, MAKE Business Hub – a great working environment specifically designed for entrepreneurs. Food is awesome too!

Images: Knot Standard