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UCCA Store


A few months ago we wrote about the 798 Art District in Beijing. Today we’d like to focus on the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), which happens to be located at the heart of 798.

Founded by art pioneers and collectors Guy and Myriam Ullens in November 2007, UCCA is the only international non-profit art centre in China. Since its opening, the UCCA and its store, UCCA@ART.BOOK, have played a central role in showcasing artwork from today’s most prominent Chinese and international artists through limited prints, art related products, Chinese design brands, art books and accessories.

In August 2012, to meet the growing demand of Chinese consumers for design products, the UCCA@ART store was added to the line up. Cutting-edge, is probably the best way to describe the new 300-square-metre space. Designed by Taiwanese Gold Studio, who used “Windows” as the leitmotif to design the store, hence, the floor-to-ceiling windows which provide a light, “airy” feel to the place.

UCCA@ART showcases some of the finest design work in China – art, fashion, jewelry, furniture, colourful fixie bikes, right down to Lie Dong’s stunning bone lamps etc.¬†And here’s the clever thing about UCCA, whenever you purchase an item at one of their stores, you are directly contributing to cultivating a new generation of artists, as all revenue are used to support the arts and public programmes at the UCCA.


Images: Qingche Studio, Courtesy of UCCA