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White Cube São Paulo


The opening of The White Cube gallery, a converted warehouse space, in a quiet residential barrio or neighbourhood in São Paulo is testament to the city’s growing importance on the international art scene.

It is the programme rather than the style of the gallery – the clue is in the name, yes, all white walls and square, very square – that is getting people here in São Paulo all hot under the collar.

The well established contemporary art institution in London, now has two international locations – São Paulo and Hong Kong. With a reputation garnered in part due it its role in launching the careers of the Young British Artists (YBAs) including Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, who’s  first solo exhibition in Brazil, “I don’t believe in Love but I believe in you” was held at the gallery.

And the gallery played an instrumental role in bringing the work of British sculpture Antony Gormley to the city earlier in 2012.

What is next on the rostra is a tight-lipped secret but as the first big international player on the scene whatever it is will be greeted with great anticipation.

Visit to find out more about the latest exhibitions at White Cube São Paulo.

Images: courtesy of White Cube, Anna Fitzpatrick