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Zhang Zhoujie’s Digital Lab


A few weeks ago therandomer mentioned which happens to sell Zhang Zhoujie’s state of the art chairs. Well, last week I paid a visit to the great man himself who kindly opened the doors of his industrious Digital Lab to me.

Zhoujie doesn’t look like your typical wacky designer, but as they say don’t judge a book by its cover. Here at therandomer, we’re certainly not questioning the young designer’s talent. One look at his stunning furniture creations is enough to confirm Zhoujie’s role in contributing to the emerging ‘designed in China’ scene.

A graduate from the China Academy of Art and the Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design, Zhoujie has since 2010 set up a digital laboratory in Shanghai. With the Lab, Zhoujie is on a mission to explore the “latest trends towards parametric design and to investigate new digital workflows which seamlessly integrate the latest computer technology with Wu Wei”. Wu Wei, being one of the principles of Taoism philosophy.

The young Chinese designer’s ground breaking furniture work “blends Chinese traditional art perspectives, western design methodology, digital engineering and handmade craftsmanship into a single project.”

Next time you hear someone ranting about the poor quality of products made in China, you know who to name drop in the conversation…

Images: Elliot Richards